3 Reasons why Pros love Poker Android Smartphone Play

For years, the two most common settings for professional poker players have been either land-based poker rooms or a laptop. But things have changed because many pros are also enjoying poker Android smartphone play these days. Now, it might seem strange to think of some famous pro poker player grinding through a small 5-inch smartphone. But it's definitely happening and here are three big reasons why.

1. The Cash Games are Soft

Every year, the mobile poker world grows. That means bigger cash stakes and more players. For a professional, this also means more fish to victimize. There's a large number of recreational players who enjoy games through their Android smartphone or tablet. And while there's no big high stakes scene in the mobile game, there is enough mid-stakes cash action going on for skilled grinders to prey on the fish. Assuming you're just starting out with best poker bonuses, but you've got a penchant for learning, you might earn some quick profits in the micro stakes.

2. Smartphone Poker gives Pros a Break

Imagine waking up every day and playing 6-8 hours of online poker on your laptop at PokerStop. Sure, this might not be so bad over the course of a few months. But after a few years, it's going to wear thin on you. This is where playing Android smartphone poker comes in handy because it gives hard-working rounders a break from their laptop. Moreover, you can take your phone anywhere and play poker in different settings, instead of on your couch or desk all of the time.

3. It's Obviously Convenient

Yea, we know this point is fairly obvious and it's the first thing that pops into people's minds regarding mobile poker. But we have to mention the convenience aspect because the pros love it. Rather than having to lug their laptops around, they can just pull an Android smartphone out of their pocket and play anywhere. This is especially nice since there's not much space on airplanes and poker pros do a lot of travelling to various tournaments.

Based on the major benefits that we've discussed, anybody who aspires to be a professional someday should definitely consider playing poker through their Android smartphone.


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